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PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a software used to develop php code quickly, and help us to save coding time as much as possible. but What's the best PHP IDE? Vote for you favorite PHP IDE to help other guys don't waste time to choose an PHP IDE.

PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment), NOT PHP Editor.

 The ranking of the items as below are depend on your vote.Act now to being the judger!


PhpStorm is a Smart PHP IDE with refactorings, code completion, on-the-fly code analysis and coding productivity orientation.
PhpStorm Key Features:
>Smart PHP Code Editor:supporting PHP 5.3 and 5.4 for modern and legacy projects. Provides the best code autocompletion, refactorings, on-the-fly error prevention, supports language mixtures and more.
>Code Quality Analysis:PHPDoc support, code (re)arranger, code formatter with code style configuration and other features help you write neat code that’s easy to support.
>Development Environment:Version Control Systems integration (Git, Mercurial, SVN, etc), local history, support for remote deployment, SQL and databases, Composer, PHP UML, and integrated REST Client.
>Debugging and Testing: PHPUnit support lets you develop and run unit tests right from the IDE. Profile your applications with Xdebug or Zend Debugger and check aggregated reports in PhpStorm.
>HTML/CSS/JavaScript Editor:All the cutting edge web development technologies are supported including HTML5, CSS, SASS, SCSS, LESS, CoffeeScript, ECMAScript Harmony, Jade templates, Zen Coding, Emmet, and of course JavaScript, with refactorings, debugging and unit-testing.
>Cross-platform Experience:Use the same frequently-updated integrated development environment on Windows, Mac OS or Linux with your single license key.
more features:

PhpStormin 'Best PHP IDE': ranks 1

It's perfect!



PHPEclipse is a PHP development plugin for the Eclipse IDE Framework.
Features of PHPEclipse:
>PHP parser
>PHP Debugger
>PHP Code formatter
>Outline view
Being built on the Eclipse framework, there is a raft of additional features provided directly by Eclipse.

PHPEclipsein 'Best PHP IDE': ranks 2

NetBeans PHP

NetBeans PHP

NetBeans PHP is a dedicated PHP coding environment, and complete integration with web standards.
Features of NetBeans PHP:
>Powerfull PHP Source Code Editor
>PHP 5.4 Support
>Support Web Frameworks:Zend Framework (screencast), Symfony2 Framework, Symfony1 Framework (screencast)
>Continuous Integration Support
>PHP Projects
>PHP Debugger

more features:

NetBeans PHPin 'Best PHP IDE': ranks 3


Zend Studio

Zend Studio is a commercial, proprietary integrated development environment (IDE) for PHP developed by Zend Technologies, based on the PHP Development Tools (PDT) plugin for the Eclipse platform (the PDT project is led by Zend).

Features of NetBeans PHP:
>Creating mobile applications
>IBM i Support
>Zend Framework Integration
>Cloud Support
>PHP Refactoring
>PHP Code Generation
>PHP Editor and File Management
>JavaScript Support
>HTML & CSS Support
>Installation / Documentation / Support
>PHP Debugging
>Zend Server Integration
>PHP Unit Testing
>Remote and Virtual Systems
>Database Connectivity
>Source Control
>Zend Studio 5.X Migration
more features:

Zend Studioin 'Best PHP IDE': ranks 4

its great



Komodo is the professional IDE for major web languages, including Python, PHP, Ruby, Perl, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You'll enjoy developing faster with Komodo IDE's complete set of tools.

Komodoin 'Best PHP IDE': ranks 5

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