Most Useful Linux Commands

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Most Useful Linux Commands

This is a list of Linux Commands. What do you think is the most useful Linux Commands? Vote for it!

linux commands

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top command

Display the system summary information and a list of processes\threads currently being managed by the kernel.


tar command

Create Tape ARchives (TAR) and add or extract files.


grep command

Search text for a pattern.


vim command

A text editor.


chmod command

Change the file modes/attributes/permissions.


chown command

Change the file ownership.


ssh command

Short for Secure Shell, is a secure protocol for remote logins.


find command

Find files.


kill command

Terminate or signal processes.


mount command


ls command

Mount ( \unmount) file systems and other remote resources.


man command

Display system documentation.


cp command

Copy files.


mv command

Move files.


mkdir command

Make directories.


touch command

Change file access and modification times.


ifconfig command

View information about the configured network interfaces .


rm command

Remove directory entries.


sed command

Stream editor.


pwd command

Print working directory.

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