Best Zombie Movies of the 1960s

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Orgy of the Dead

DIRECTED_BY: Stephen C. Apostolof
STARRING: The Amazing Criswell,Cara Fawn,Pat Barrington,Nadejda Klein,William Bates,Barbara Nordin,Coleen O'Brien,Bunny Glaser,Mickey Jines,Fawn Silver
IMDB_ID: tt0054240
GENRE: Horror,Supernatural,Sexploitation film,Cult film,B movie,Zombie Film
COUNTRY: United States of America
LANGUAGE: English Language


The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies

Director: Ray Dennis Steckler
Writers: Robert Silliphant,Gene Pollock,E.M. Kevke
Stars: Ray Dennis Steckler,Carolyn Brandt,Brett O'Hara,Atlas King,Sharon Walsh,Pat Kirkwood
IMDb ID: tt0057181
Genres: Musical,Horror,Parody,Zombie Film
Release date: 1964-03
Country: United States of America
Language: English Language


Santo Contra los Zombis

Director: Benito Alazraki
Stars: Jaime Fernández,Santo,Armando Silvestre
IMDb ID: tt0055409
Genres: Black-and-white,Horror,Zombie Film
Release date: 1961
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish Language


The Plague of the Zombies

Director: John Gilling
Writers: Peter Bryan
Stars: André Morell,Diane Clare,John Carson,Jacqueline Pearce,Alexander Davion,Michael Ripper,Marcus Hammond,Dennis Chinnery,Brook Williams
IMDb ID: tt0060841
Genres: Horror,Creature Film,Zombie Film
Release date: 1966-01-09
Country: United Kingdom,United States of America
Language: English Language


Tales of Terror

Director: Roger Corman
Stars: Vincent Price,Basil Rathbone,Peter Lorre,Debra Paget,David Frankham,Maggie Pierce,Mary Leona Gage,Joyce Jameson,Vincent Price,Vincent Price
IMDb ID: tt0056552
Genres: Horror,Film adaptation,Thriller,Costume Horror,Gothic Film,Drama,Zombie Film,Horror comedy
Release date: 1962-07-04
Country: United States of America
Language: English Language


The Astro-Zombies

DIRECTED_BY: Ted V. Mikels
WRITTEN_BY: Ted V. Mikels,Wayne Rogers
STARRING: John Carradine,Tura Satana,Wendell Corey,Tom Pace,Joan Patrick,Rafael Campos,Vincent Barbi
IMDB_ID: tt0064048
GENRE: Science Fiction,Horror,Cult film,B movie,Sci-Fi Horror,Zombie Film
COUNTRY: United States of America
LANGUAGE: English Language

The Dead One

The Dead One

DIRECTED_BY: Barry Mahon
WRITTEN_BY: Barry Mahon
STARRING: John McKay,Linda Ormond,Monica Davis,Clyde Kelly,Darlene Myrick,Lacey Kelly
IMDB_ID: tt0054793
GENRE: Indie film,Horror,B movie,Zombie Film
COUNTRY: United States of America
LANGUAGE: English Language


Isle of the Snake People

Director: Jack Hill,Juan Ibáñez
Writers: Jack Hill,Luis Enrique Vergara,Juan Ibáñez
Stars: Rafael Bertrand,Boris Karloff,Carlos East,Julissa,Quintin Bulnes,Yolanda "Tongolele" Montes
IMDb ID: tt0063142
Genres: Horror,Zombie Film
Release date: 1968
Country: Mexico,United States of America
Language: English Language,Spanish Language

Monsters Crash the Pajama Party

Monsters Crash the Pajama Party

DIRECTED_BY: David L. Hewitt
WRITTEN_BY: David L. Hewitt,Jean Hewitt
STARRING: Vic McGee,Vic McGee,Peter James Noto,James Reason,Clara Nadel,Pauline Hillkurt,Charles Hegen,Joseph Armand,Christopher Hampton,Peter De Noto
IMDB_ID: tt0059466
GENRE: Horror,B movie,Short Film,Creature Film,Zombie Film,Comedy
COUNTRY: United States of America
LANGUAGE: English Language


Cave of the Living Dead

Director: Ákos Ráthonyi
Writers: Kurt Roecken,Ákos Ráthonyi
Stars: Carl Möhner,Erika Remberg,Wolfgang Preiss,John Kitzmiller,Adrian Hoven,Karin Field,Emmerich Schrenk
IMDb ID: tt0058106
Genres: Horror,Thriller,Crime Thriller,World cinema,Supernatural,Zombie Film
Release date: 1965
Country: Germany,Yugoslavia
Language: German Language

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