Best Brainwashing Movies of the 1970s

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The Parallax View

Director: Alan J. Pakula
Writers: Lorenzo Semple Jr.,David Giler,Loren Singer
Stars: Warren Beatty,Hume Cronyn,William Daniels,Paula Prentiss,Anthony Zerbe,Kenneth Mars,Jim Davis,Earl Hindman,Walter McGinn,Kelly Thordsen
IMDb ID: tt0071970
Rating: R (USA)
Genres: Thriller,Dystopia,Psychological thriller,Political drama,Suspense,Political thriller,Drama
Subjects: Brainwashing
Release date: 1974-06-14
Country: United States of America
Language: English Language



Director: Don Siegel
Writers: Stirling Silliphant,Peter Hyams,Walter Wager
Stars: Lee Remick,Charles Bronson,Donald Pleasence,Alan Badel
IMDb ID: tt0076804
Genres: Psychological thriller,War film,Spy film,Action Film,Action Thriller
Subjects: Espionage,Brainwashing,Cold War
Release date: 1977-12-16
Country: United States of America
Language: English Language


A Clockwork Orange

Director: Stanley Kubrick
Writers: Stanley Kubrick
Stars: Aubrey Morris,Malcolm McDowell,David Prowse,Patrick Magee,Warren Clarke,Michael Tarn,James Marcus,Michael Bates,Adrienne Corri,Miriam Karlin
IMDb ID: tt0066921
Rating: NC-17 (USA),R (USA)
Genres: Crime Fiction,Science Fiction,Drama
Subjects: Brainwashing,Prison
Release date: 1971-12-19
Country: United Kingdom,United States of America
Language: English Language


The Confession

Director: Costa-Gavras
Writers: Jorge Semprún
Stars: Simone Signoret,Gabriele Ferzetti,Yves Montand,Monique Chaumette,Jean Bouise,László Szabó,Georges Aubert,Michel Vitold,Guy Mairesse,Marc Eyraud
IMDb ID: tt0065439
Rating: PG (USA)
Genres: Drama,Thriller,Political thriller,Political drama
Subjects: Brainwashing
Release date: 1970-04-29
Country: Italy,France
Language: French Language,Italian Language,Spanish Language

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