Best Period piece Movies of the 1920s

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The Yankee Clipper

Director: Rupert Julian
Writers: Garrett Fort,John W. Krafft,Garnett Weston
Stars: Elinor Fair,William Boyd,Junior Coghlan,Harry Holden,Walter Long,Clarence Burton,John Miljan,Louis Payne,Zack Williams,George Ovey
IMDb ID: tt0018601
Genres: Silent film,Period piece,Adventure Film,Drama
Release date: 1927-05-07
Country: United States of America
Language: English Language,Silent film


The Patriot

DIRECTED_BY: Ernst Lubitsch
WRITTEN_BY: Julian Johnson,Hanns Kräly
STARRING: Lewis Stone,Florence Vidor,Emil Jannings,Neil Hamilton,Harry Cording,Vera Veronina
IMDB_ID: tt0019257
GENRE: Biographical film,Lost film,Silent film,Black-and-white,Political drama,Period piece,Epic film,Drama
SUBJECTS: Paul I of Russia
COUNTRY: United States of America
LANGUAGE: English Language,Silent film

The Substitute Wife

The Substitute Wife

Director: Wilfred Noy
Stars: Jane Novak,Niles Welch,Coit Albertson,Louise Carter,Gordon Standing,Mario Majeroni
IMDb ID: tt0016405
Rating: PG-13 (USA)
Genres: Silent film,Indie film,Black-and-white,Western,Romance Film,Period piece,Television film,Action/Adventure,Drama
Release date: 1925-10-15
Country: United States of America
Language: English Language


Forbidden Paradise

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Writers: Agnes Christine Johnston,Hanns Kräly
Stars: Rod La Rocque,Adolphe Menjou,Pola Negri,Pauline Starke,Fred Malatesta,Carrie Daumery,Nick De Ruiz
IMDb ID: tt0014925
Genres: Silent film,Indie film,Black-and-white,Comedy-drama,Period piece,Adventure Film
Release date: 1924-11-16
Country: United States of America
Language: English Language,Silent film



Director: F. W. Murnau
Writers: Carl Mayer
Stars: Emil Jannings,Werner Krauss,Lil Dagover,Rosa Valetti,Lucie Höflich,Hermann Picha,Camilla Horn,André Mattoni
IMDb ID: tt0017448
Genres: Silent film,Indie film,Black-and-white,World cinema,Satire,Period piece,Comedy of manners,Drama,Comedy
Release date: 1925
Country: Weimar Republic,Germany,United States of America
Language: German Language,Silent film

His Hour

His Hour

Director: King Vidor
Stars: Aileen Pringle
IMDb ID: tt0014991
Genres: Silent film,Black-and-white,Indie film,Period piece,Romance Film,Drama
Release date: 1924-09-29
Country: United States of America
Language: English Language,Silent film

Leaves from Satan's Book

Leaves from Satan's Book

Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer
Stars: Helge Nissen,Hallander Helleman,Erling Hansson,Halvard Hoff,Ebon Strandin,Jacob Texiere
IMDb ID: tt0011000
Genres: Silent film,Black-and-white,Religious Film,World cinema,Period piece,Drama,Historical fiction,Comedy
Release date: 1921-01-24
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish Language

Orphans of the Storm

Orphans of the Storm

Director: D. W. Griffith
Writers: D. W. Griffith
Stars: Joseph Schildkraut,Dorothy Gish,Lillian Gish,Frank Losee,Katherine Emmet,Morgan Wallace,Lucille La Verne,Sheldon Lewis,Frank Puglia
IMDb ID: tt0012532
Genres: Silent film,Indie film,Black-and-white,Short Film,Melodrama,Period piece,Drama
Release date: 1921
Country: United States of America
Language: English Language,Silent film


Praesten i Vejlby

Director: August Blom
IMDb ID: tt0011608
Genres: Silent film,Black-and-white,Period piece,Drama
Release date: 1922
Country: Denmark
Language: Danish Language


Romance of the Western Chamber

Director: Hou Yao
IMDb ID: tt0018600
Genres: Silent film,World cinema,Historical Epic,Period piece,Drama,Chinese Movies
Release date: 1927
Country: China
Language: French Language,Silent film

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