Best Prison Movies of the 1960s

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The Hole

Director: Jacques Becker
Writers: José Giovanni
Stars: Michel Constantin,Philippe Leroy,Jean Keraudy,Catherine Spaak,Eddy Rasimi,Raymond Meunier,Marc Michel,Jean-Paul Coquelin,André Bervil
IMDb ID: tt0054407
Genres: World cinema,Mystery,Thriller,Drama,Prison film,Crime Fiction
Subjects: Prison
Release date: 1960-03-18
Country: France
Language: French Language


Birdman of Alcatraz

Director: John Frankenheimer
Writers: Guy Trosper
Stars: Telly Savalas,Burt Lancaster,Thelma Ritter,Karl Malden,Neville Brand,Edmond O'Brien,Whit Bissell,Crahan Denton,Hugh Marlowe,Betty Field
IMDb ID: tt0055798
Genres: Drama,Prison film,Biographical film
Subjects: Prison
Release date: 1962-07-03
Country: United States of America
Language: English Language


The Pot Carriers

Director: Peter Graham Scott
Writers: T.J. Morrison,Mike Watts
Stars: Ronald Fraser,Carole Lesley,Carole Lesley,Paul Massie,Dennis Price,Paul Rogers,Davy Kaye,Eddie Byrne,Campbell Singer,Alfred Burke
IMDb ID: tt0056364
Genres: Prison film,Comedy,Drama
Subjects: Prison
Release date: 1962-04
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English Language

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