Best Historical Epic Movies of the 1920s

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The Divine Lady

The Divine Lady

DIRECTED_BY: Frank Lloyd
STARRING: Corinne Griffith,H. B. Warner,Victor Varconi,Ian Keith,Montagu Love,Marie Dressler,Dorothy Cumming,Helen Jerome Eddy,Evelyn Hall,William Conklin
IMDB_ID: tt0019824
GENRE: Silent film,Indie film,Black-and-white,Epic film,Romance Film,Historical Epic,Drama,Historical fiction,Biographical film
SUBJECTS: Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson,Emma, Lady Hamilton
COUNTRY: United States of America
LANGUAGE: English Language

Janice Meredith

Janice Meredith

Director: E. Mason Hopper
Writers: Paul Leicester Ford,Lillie Hayward
Stars: Marion Davies,Holbrook Blinn,Joseph Kilgour,Tyrone Power, Sr.,Macklyn Arbuckle,Burton McEvilly,May Vokes,Ken Maynard,W. C. Fields
IMDb ID: tt0015022
Genres: Silent film,Indie film,Black-and-white,Historical Epic,Drama,Historical fiction
Subjects: American Revolutionary War
Release date: 1924
Country: United States of America
Language: English Language,Silent film


Romance of the Western Chamber

Director: Hou Yao
IMDb ID: tt0018600
Genres: Silent film,World cinema,Historical Epic,Period piece,Drama,Chinese Movies
Release date: 1927
Country: China
Language: French Language,Silent film

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