Best Algerian War Movies of the 1960s

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The Battle of Algiers

The Battle of Algiers

Director: Gillo Pontecorvo
Writers: Gillo Pontecorvo,Franco Solinas
Stars: Brahim Haggiag,Jean Martin,Saadi Yacef,Samia Kerbash,Ugo Paletti,Fusia El Kader,Mohamed Ben Kassen,Michele Kerbash,Franco Morici,Tommaso Neri
IMDb ID: tt0058946
Genres: Crime Fiction,Drama,Historical drama,War film
Subjects: Algerian War,Terrorism
Release date: 1966-09-03
Country: Algeria,Italy
Language: French Language,Italian Language,English Language,Arabic Language


The Little Soldier

Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Writers: Jean-Luc Godard
Stars: Michel Subor,Anna Karina,László Szabó,Jean-Luc Godard,Henri-Jacques Huet,Paul Beauvais
IMDb ID: tt0054177
Genres: Political drama,World cinema,Drama,War film
Subjects: Algerian War
Release date: 1963-01-25
Country: France
Language: French Language


Lost Command

Director: Mark Robson
Stars: Anthony Quinn,Claudia Cardinale,Alain Delon,Michèle Morgan,George Segal,Maurice Ronet
IMDb ID: tt0060637
Genres: War film,Action Film,Action/Adventure,Drama
Subjects: Algerian War,Battle of Dien Bien Phu,Cold War
Release date: 1966-05
Country: United States of America
Language: English Language



Director: Frank Wisbar
Writers: William Demby,Giuseppe Mangione,Milton Krims,Mino Guerrini,Frank Wisbar
Stars: Stewart Granger,Dorian Gray,Carlos Casaravilla,Ivo Garrani,Alfredo Mayo,Pablito Alonso,Hans von Borsody,Dietmar Schönherr,Peter Carsten,Fausto Tozzi
IMDb ID: tt0056221
Genres: War film
Subjects: Algerian War
Release date: 1962-11-14
Country: Spain,Belgium,Italy,West Germany
Language: German Language

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